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Friends In High Places
FRIENDS IN HIGH PLACES, a book about real life hands on healing, intuition, spirits and life in Decatur, Illinois, where I grew up in a family of reluctant psychics.
Friends In High Places begins when I return to my hometown of Decatur, Illinios for a Funeral. My sister asked me for a hands on healing session in the middle of the funeral reception. My cousin watched, then told me about her husband's stepfather who recorded hundreds of messages from the dead through his HAM radio and a 300 foot tower. My Uncle Bob watched from above, the crazy things that happened at this funeral.

Our family has always had "weird" things happen to them which at first I thought were unique. Dad sees "faces" warning him of impending disasters. My brother has hunting visions, and an uncanny ability to feel in his own body when an animal is shot or injured. My niece has a special connection to her deceased mother, who announces herself with "sparklers" or tiny lights. My sister named her grandchild from beyond the grave, a neighbor received phone calls from her deceased mother urging her to help her twin sister, while a friend of mine sleeps with her dead husband.

As a hands on healer, I worked on a woman with a crushed pelvis and facial bones from an auto accident who was subsequently inspired to become a healer, as well as cases of Fibromyalgia, Parkinson's Disease, cancer, a gunshot wound to the head, seizures and asthma. My friend Mary and I were featured on a television news segment for our healing work with Mike, whose inoperable brain tumors disappeared after our treatment.

Friends reveals the secrets of my hands on healing training, including an introduction to my guardian angel Lorenzo, and experiences with a shaman.

During my thirty years in healthcare, I have interviewed hundreds of employees regarding their extra-sensory experiences. I came to the conclusion that what we once considered unique to our family, is actually quite ordinary and commonplace.

What Would It Take For You To Believe?
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